Ramchand was supposed to be operated on for inguinal hernia at UP-PGH.

But something happened…

Here’s his story.

Since 2008, he has been suffering from inguinal hernia and it has affected his daily activities.  Much of the time, he was in pain and couldn’t go on with his physical activities.  May this year, he had a check up with the doctor and told him that he needed an operation.

July came.  During our EN2010 world conference, after the worship moment with 20,000 people singing Amazing Grace with Darlene Zschech, he felt God did something miraculous.

After coming down from the bus that night on the way home, he felt different.  The pain was gone and he felt healed.

To be sure, Ramchand went back to have himself checked.  As a confirmation of what God has done, just this afternoon, Ramchand together with our campus minister, Christian Dionglay shared with Doc Jun Aguilar and I the good news of God’s healing miracle.

Amazing!  God is indeed a miracle-working God.


EN2010 Day 3 was icing on the cake.  It was a great way to end.

– Dr. Jun Vencer

  • “If the presence of God is in the church, the poor must be administered to.  We must help the poor and the needy.”
  • “I don’t believe in the “acts of God”.  Is it God’s fault that we have major flooding because we didn’t take care of our forests?”
  • “We must neglect ‘being’ in the process of ‘doing.’

– We are now in 61 nations with over 1000 churches and ministries.  Praise God.

– Pastor Steve ended the conference with one word – HONOR.

  • “Honor is there to remind us where our place is.”
  • Ended with Maileen Hern’s last tweet:
    “There are things I dont understand,questions I want to raise.But I should know my place & praise YOU instead.”

– Here’s a recap video of what happened in 3 days.


Day 1 of EN2010 conference was nothing short of phenomenal.

– Seeing 47 nations in one venue was hair raising.

– Visited our Kids Church. Kudos to Mark and the team.  Saw Thor there.  Stage was excellent.

Worship was out of the ballpark.  Great job Jam and Guy.

Great hosting by Joey, Norman, LA, Manny, Joseph, Wolfie…

– Grace Aiyedogbon’s message: “BANQUET TABLE OF THE LORD”

  • “You cannot be offended and anointed at the same time.  So MOVE ON!”
  • “No matter who I am, I have a blessing from the Lord.”
  • “What is on the table? There’s a lot on the table of the Lord – victory, healing, provision, rest, favor…”
  • “All for free…”

– Testimonies given by young people were so moving.  Jesus STILL is the hope of the next generation.

– Rice Broocks brought us all back to the old, original yet powerful vision.

  • “We must get better at communicating with each other.  Stay connected.”
  • “Remember, people like us have been here before.”
  • “Change the campus, change the world.”

– Pastor Rice directed us to a new yet old battlecry – EVERYNATION. EVERY CAMPUS.


What an amazing day!

– International staff meeting was fantastic!  I’ve never been so glad to be part of Every Nation family.  Forty plus nations in one room.  A taste of Revelation 7:9.

– Praise and Worship was electrifyingly glorious.  Jon Owens and Neli Atiga… no words to describe.

– Great to see friends from all over the world.

– Pastor Jim Laffoon shared a very timely message for people in full time staff and those actively involved in ministry.

    • “Spirit of Exodus is about to come.  Multitudes are going to find freedom through the gospel.”
    • “This decade is going to be a decade of supernatural power.”
    • “There is going to be magnificent harvest in this decade – unique and tremendous harvest.”
    • “There will be 10 years of growth in a period of just 5 years.”
    • Ezekiel 43:-13.  God’s presence, glory and power will be settling upon His people.

– He then gives out a few warnings…

    • “When God touches something, don’t take the credit; fall down on your face and be thankful.”
    • “Be careful that you don’t get overwhelmed by the growth – don’t get hurt along the way.

– He then gives 2 determinations

1. Draw closer to Christ!

    • “We’ve stayed so connected to our technology that I wonder if we still are connected with God.”
    • “Podcasts, websites, twitter, sermon helps are great but don’t let it be a God-replacement.”
    • “I’m afraid sometimes that technology has mastered us.”

2. Walk under the covering of God.

    • Pray for His protection.

– Reports from all over the world blew everyone away.  So awed by what God is doing in the nations.  Yet we are barely scratching the surface.  Just glad we’re a part of it though.

– Seeing our leaders have fun on stage is so refreshing. So fun to be a Christian.  Love being in this spiritual family.

– Lunch with Pastor Sam Webb, Pastor Ariel and Shirley Marquez.

– Breakout sessions: Discipleship@Home.  What an honor co-teaching with Pastor David Houston and Sandy.  I remember when they taught in a preconference meeting in 1995.  I attended and we didn’t have kids yet.  A lot of what Jenn and I shared we learned from them anyway… and from Ariel and Shirley… and Joel and Jenny Magpantay… and Steve and Deborah Murrell… and Joey and Marie Bonifacio.

– Spent a few moments with some pastors from Melbourne, Australia – Planet Shakers.  Great bunch of guys.

– Dinner with Jonathan and Joanne Pardey and their kids from South Africa.  We’re hosting them while they are here.  What a privilege and honor.  So we’ll have 8 kids in the house – their 4 and our 4.  What a riot!

Did I already say I’m so blessed to be part of this spiritual family?

– What an amazing day!