(This was a message given by Pastor Steve Murrell at Every Nation World Conference 2016, Day 1.)

When Pastor Steve’s American friend met his future father in law who is Japanese, they had no clue how their cultures were so different.

When introduced, one will shake hands (American)  and the other will bow (Japanese). But his friend got a little too close to give a handshake. With a slight bow and being so close to his future father in law, they ended up bumping heads… a multi-ethnic headache.

In Luke 24, there was not a lot of ethnicity in the church. God had to open their minds to understand what Jesus mentions in verses 45-47.

Being called to go to every nation, we will be with people who look different, talk different and maybe even smell different. But the call remains – Go to all the nations!

This gospel is going to be preached to all nations.
The word for nations is the word “ethnos”.
The gospel is going to other ethnicities.

People talk about being color blind. But the problem with being color blind is that you don’t get to celebrate color.

“The church is like the eye. It has a little black in it and a little white in it. And without both, we cannot see.” – C.H. Mason

This gospel message has to go out to the nations and you are the messenger.
A witness is a messenger.
But you are not going alone. Jesus said that His Holy Spirit is going to come.

As a motorcyclist is foolish to go out without a helmet, so is a witness who goes out without the Holy Spirit. It will not only be foolish but also dangerous.


EN2010 Day 3 was icing on the cake.  It was a great way to end.

– Dr. Jun Vencer

  • “If the presence of God is in the church, the poor must be administered to.  We must help the poor and the needy.”
  • “I don’t believe in the “acts of God”.  Is it God’s fault that we have major flooding because we didn’t take care of our forests?”
  • “We must neglect ‘being’ in the process of ‘doing.’

– We are now in 61 nations with over 1000 churches and ministries.  Praise God.

– Pastor Steve ended the conference with one word – HONOR.

  • “Honor is there to remind us where our place is.”
  • Ended with Maileen Hern’s last tweet:
    “There are things I dont understand,questions I want to raise.But I should know my place & praise YOU instead.”

– Here’s a recap video of what happened in 3 days.