I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt that you’re in a nightmare? A series of bad events come one after the other. You wonder when it would stop and how it will stop.

My wife, Jenn and I spoke with LA and Yet a couple of weeks ago and told us what they’ve gone through. It was awe inspiring how God walked with them and pulled them through.

Watch their encouraging testimony. Be blessed!




What do you do when God seems silent?

You pray and there’s no answer.
You read the Word and it’s just a bunch of words on paper.
You worship by singing and it seems like mere lyrics on screen.

Zechariah and Elizabeth (Luke 1:5-25) were a fairly common couple. Simple. Ordinary. Average.

They’ve prayed for a child and it seems that God wasn’t answering until they’ve reached way past child bearing age.

Until angel Gabriel shows up. He declares that God is going to give them a son.

But up until this time, heaven has been silent.
For 400 years, there hasn’t been a word from God.
For 500 years, there hasn’t been an angelic appearance.
For 800 years, there hasn’t been a public miracle witnessed.

As in a musical, in between Act 1 and Act 2 is the intermission. But because the curtains are down doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

Behind those curtains, lots of things are happening. Set designs are being replaced. Actors are changing costumes. More props are being added.

It’s busy in the backstage.

Remember this: God’s silence doesn’t signify His absence.

Zechariah and Elizabeth wanted a baby. They wanted it at a certain stage of their married life. Scholars tell us that they were in their 70’s when Gabriel shows up.

It seems like they’ve missed the opportunity of having a child.

But God is able to turn your missed opportunity to His greatest miracle.



I was in my son’s baseball practice one afternoon and got a call from a dad.  He barely could talk because he was crying to the point of sobbing. He had just come from the doctor’s office and had the ultrasound results of his baby.

Rewind a couple of months.

Julian calls me to ask for advice.  Because his wife was diagnosed with acute apendicitis in the States, she had to go through lots of tests before they found out.  Needless to say, she was exposed to a lot of radiation because of the tests.

A couple of weeks after that, when they get back to Manila, they found out that she was pregnant.  They were advised to just abort the baby because the baby might come out with complications because of the heavy exposure to radiation.

Julian and Kate stood in faith.  They prayed and asked for people to pray.  They made a decision that God is able to protect their baby.

And He certainly did.

Below is their testimony of video of how awesome and faithful God was.




Ramchand was supposed to be operated on for inguinal hernia at UP-PGH.

But something happened…

Here’s his story.

Since 2008, he has been suffering from inguinal hernia and it has affected his daily activities.  Much of the time, he was in pain and couldn’t go on with his physical activities.  May this year, he had a check up with the doctor and told him that he needed an operation.

July came.  During our EN2010 world conference, after the worship moment with 20,000 people singing Amazing Grace with Darlene Zschech, he felt God did something miraculous.

After coming down from the bus that night on the way home, he felt different.  The pain was gone and he felt healed.

To be sure, Ramchand went back to have himself checked.  As a confirmation of what God has done, just this afternoon, Ramchand together with our campus minister, Christian Dionglay shared with Doc Jun Aguilar and I the good news of God’s healing miracle.

Amazing!  God is indeed a miracle-working God.