What an amazing day!

– International staff meeting was fantastic!  I’ve never been so glad to be part of Every Nation family.  Forty plus nations in one room.  A taste of Revelation 7:9.

– Praise and Worship was electrifyingly glorious.  Jon Owens and Neli Atiga… no words to describe.

– Great to see friends from all over the world.

– Pastor Jim Laffoon shared a very timely message for people in full time staff and those actively involved in ministry.

    • “Spirit of Exodus is about to come.  Multitudes are going to find freedom through the gospel.”
    • “This decade is going to be a decade of supernatural power.”
    • “There is going to be magnificent harvest in this decade – unique and tremendous harvest.”
    • “There will be 10 years of growth in a period of just 5 years.”
    • Ezekiel 43:-13.  God’s presence, glory and power will be settling upon His people.

– He then gives out a few warnings…

    • “When God touches something, don’t take the credit; fall down on your face and be thankful.”
    • “Be careful that you don’t get overwhelmed by the growth – don’t get hurt along the way.

– He then gives 2 determinations

1. Draw closer to Christ!

    • “We’ve stayed so connected to our technology that I wonder if we still are connected with God.”
    • “Podcasts, websites, twitter, sermon helps are great but don’t let it be a God-replacement.”
    • “I’m afraid sometimes that technology has mastered us.”

2. Walk under the covering of God.

    • Pray for His protection.

– Reports from all over the world blew everyone away.  So awed by what God is doing in the nations.  Yet we are barely scratching the surface.  Just glad we’re a part of it though.

– Seeing our leaders have fun on stage is so refreshing. So fun to be a Christian.  Love being in this spiritual family.

– Lunch with Pastor Sam Webb, Pastor Ariel and Shirley Marquez.

– Breakout sessions: Discipleship@Home.  What an honor co-teaching with Pastor David Houston and Sandy.  I remember when they taught in a preconference meeting in 1995.  I attended and we didn’t have kids yet.  A lot of what Jenn and I shared we learned from them anyway… and from Ariel and Shirley… and Joel and Jenny Magpantay… and Steve and Deborah Murrell… and Joey and Marie Bonifacio.

– Spent a few moments with some pastors from Melbourne, Australia – Planet Shakers.  Great bunch of guys.

– Dinner with Jonathan and Joanne Pardey and their kids from South Africa.  We’re hosting them while they are here.  What a privilege and honor.  So we’ll have 8 kids in the house – their 4 and our 4.  What a riot!

Did I already say I’m so blessed to be part of this spiritual family?

– What an amazing day!

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