Day 1 of EN2010 conference was nothing short of phenomenal.

– Seeing 47 nations in one venue was hair raising.

– Visited our Kids Church. Kudos to Mark and the team.  Saw Thor there.  Stage was excellent.

Worship was out of the ballpark.  Great job Jam and Guy.

Great hosting by Joey, Norman, LA, Manny, Joseph, Wolfie…

– Grace Aiyedogbon’s message: “BANQUET TABLE OF THE LORD”

  • “You cannot be offended and anointed at the same time.  So MOVE ON!”
  • “No matter who I am, I have a blessing from the Lord.”
  • “What is on the table? There’s a lot on the table of the Lord – victory, healing, provision, rest, favor…”
  • “All for free…”

– Testimonies given by young people were so moving.  Jesus STILL is the hope of the next generation.

– Rice Broocks brought us all back to the old, original yet powerful vision.

  • “We must get better at communicating with each other.  Stay connected.”
  • “Remember, people like us have been here before.”
  • “Change the campus, change the world.”

– Pastor Rice directed us to a new yet old battlecry – EVERYNATION. EVERY CAMPUS.

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