We had our Victory Weekend last Friday and Saturday.

Seeing people lives changed by the gospel never gets old. Being in scores of Victory Weekend retreats the past years, seeing people come to Christ and profess their faith in Jesus through baptism is amazingly thrilling.

One group I was particularly blessed with was the small group Pastor Jonathan Camcam was leading. They were a group of Internationals that come from different cities and nations.

Kudos to Pastor Jonathan and Joanne who tirelessly advance the kingdom among the different nationalities that come their way.

After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. (Revelation 7:9)


While driving to day 2 of Victory Weekend, I texted Dennis Isleta, our discipleship pastor at Victory Fort.  I asked him if I was teaching the first session that morning.  I received a text back with him saying, “Yes. But do you need me to cover for you?”

I was just asking if I was teaching first and this guy was ready to take over my lesson.

That has what characterized the attitude and heart of this man.  He loves God, loves his wife and adores his kids.  On top of that, he is so hard working, he puts every ant to shame.

He served in the Armed Forces and retired a full colonel.  In my perspective, he is a general in the Kingdom of God.

PS.  By the way, Victory Weekend was phenomenal yesterday.  A couple of people who grew up Muslim turned to Christ and put their faith in Him.  Here are her thoughts..

“The topics that best help me is first, the Cross.  For I am a muslim and I don’t really know what Jesus did for us.  So I am very grateful and blessed…


I met with one of our small groups leaders last Wednesday.  He was talking about when he first came to church, he would hear statements like “na-one2one ka na ba?” or “na-Victory Weekend ka na ba?”  And when he would get these questions, he felt something cringe inside of him.  In fact, he would feel “does-this-mean-i’m-less-of-a-Christian” feeling.

I told him that sometimes, in our zeal, we throw around these words and statements either as a joke or as an encouragement not understanding how it might come across which is exactly what happened to him.

Don’t get me wrong, our tools have been so powerful that we’ve seen so many lives changed.  In fact, in a few minutes, I will be going down from my office to the Youth Hall because we’ll be having our Victory Weekend.  But tools are exactly what they are – TOOLS.  But what drives those tools to bring about lifechange is the POWER OF GOD, which is available to us daily.  Actually, it has been available since way before.

We didn’t have one2one, Victory Weekend, Training for Victory, Making Disciples Training 15 years ago and yet we’ve seen lives changed, marriage restored and families healed.  We need to watch out that we don’t replace the POWER OF GOD with PROGRAMS.  Programs are good but without the power, they are just ‘good stuff’ devoid of capability to bring transformation.  Then we’re back to religion.

Genuinely love people.  Sit, chat, talk, spend time not so we can get them through the discipleship process.  Sit, chat, talk and spend time because Jesus loves them, therefore we love them as well.

“When he looked out over the crowds, his heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd.” (Matthew 9:35, Message Version)


Today ends our Taglish Victory Weekend with more than 100 people attending this one.  We usually have our Victory Weekends every month.

Victory Weekend is a 2 day retreat that establishes you for a life-long walk with God and experience victory in every area of life.

Watching Doc Jun Aguilar lead the team has been inspiring.  Raising leaders from the ground and empowering them to minister is such a key to leading a church.  This is something that I admire about Doc Jun.

From Toni to Gabby, Miko to Jonathan, Dennis to Rico W., he has been able to train and empower excellent ministers.  I’m just so glad he’s in our team.

Raising homegrown leaders is such a critical part of church growth.  At Victory, we don’t hire from the outside nor send out job alerts at Jobstreet for a pastoral position.  We raise them from within which is not necessarily the quickest way to get the leaders but it has been the most effective way, at least for us.

Most of us, if not all of us started as volunteers (small group leaders, ushers, kids church teachers, tech team, etc) who because of the grace of God, became fruitful and as a result, in no time became part of the full time staff.

That’s who Doc Jun was and is now doing the same thing with our new breed of leaders.


We had Victory Weekend today.

VW is a 2 day retreat to encounter God, get filled by His Holy Spirit, be set free from sin patterns and break curses that have been passed on from generation to generation.

We have it every month.

Spoke to a guy who has been in church for years and yet never really progressed spiritually. Marriage problems. Business falling apart. Lost spiritually.

But today, God did something amazing. Hard to explain in words but according to him, today is a turning point.

His life changed… God gets the credit. He always should.

Seeing a life transformed never gets old.