While driving to day 2 of Victory Weekend, I texted Dennis Isleta, our discipleship pastor at Victory Fort.  I asked him if I was teaching the first session that morning.  I received a text back with him saying, “Yes. But do you need me to cover for you?”

I was just asking if I was teaching first and this guy was ready to take over my lesson.

That has what characterized the attitude and heart of this man.  He loves God, loves his wife and adores his kids.  On top of that, he is so hard working, he puts every ant to shame.

He served in the Armed Forces and retired a full colonel.  In my perspective, he is a general in the Kingdom of God.

PS.  By the way, Victory Weekend was phenomenal yesterday.  A couple of people who grew up Muslim turned to Christ and put their faith in Him.  Here are her thoughts..

“The topics that best help me is first, the Cross.  For I am a muslim and I don’t really know what Jesus did for us.  So I am very grateful and blessed…