Today ends our Taglish Victory Weekend with more than 100 people attending this one.  We usually have our Victory Weekends every month.

Victory Weekend is a 2 day retreat that establishes you for a life-long walk with God and experience victory in every area of life.

Watching Doc Jun Aguilar lead the team has been inspiring.  Raising leaders from the ground and empowering them to minister is such a key to leading a church.  This is something that I admire about Doc Jun.

From Toni to Gabby, Miko to Jonathan, Dennis to Rico W., he has been able to train and empower excellent ministers.  I’m just so glad he’s in our team.

Raising homegrown leaders is such a critical part of church growth.  At Victory, we don’t hire from the outside nor send out job alerts at Jobstreet for a pastoral position.  We raise them from within which is not necessarily the quickest way to get the leaders but it has been the most effective way, at least for us.

Most of us, if not all of us started as volunteers (small group leaders, ushers, kids church teachers, tech team, etc) who because of the grace of God, became fruitful and as a result, in no time became part of the full time staff.

That’s who Doc Jun was and is now doing the same thing with our new breed of leaders.

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