Every since I met you, you’ve always loved kids.
Way before we got married, you’ve looked forward to becoming a mom.
And the way you’ve turned out to be was way beyond I ever saw or imagined.
Sacrifice. Love. Compassion. Fun. Insane. Thoughtful. Amazing.
I thank God everyday… EVERY DAY.

Happy Mother’s Day, Jenn.


I was given a gift 16 years ago.

Since then, I’m still opening and enjoying what I received.

Still discovering all that has been given me.

Still looking forward to seeing that gift when I come home from the office.

Still anticipating the many years I’ll spend having fun with that gift.

Still expecting the time I’ll get to sit on the rocking chair side by side with that gift looking back at the decades of friendship, adventures and  reminiscence.

Happy Anniversary, Jenn.


This is part 2 on the mini series on “Reflections from the Couples Retreat.”

Part 1 can be found here.

Much of communication is listening.  Unfortunately, when you are the man in the marriage relationship, listening is a tricky skill to try to learn.  Allow me to illustrate.

When my wife asks me, “Paolo, do you want a glass of water?”, I have to think, “Is she asking what she’s asking?”

Why? Because often times, she asks me that question because she wants water for herself.  So now, I’ve learned to answer her question with another question, “Oh, darling, would you like some water?”

I know what you are thinking, “Why don’t they just tell us straight?”  It’s not hard to say, “Paolo, can you get me some water please?”


But I don’t know why.  I guess God wants marriage to be such an adventure that’s why God designed men and women to communicate differently.  We just need to understand HOW we were designed.  THAT is a lifelong undertaking.  That’s why it’s an ADVENTURE.

P.S. Just in case, you may ask David Bonifacio for insight.  He might have some.


It can’t be!

You’ve heard of that cliche – “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

That’s how it’s been with you, Jenn.

After 15 years, 4 kids, numerous trips with you, our kids, fun experiences, sad ones too …

You’re an awesome friend, confidant, companion, movie partner, popcorn partner, ‘watching-a-tv-series’ buddy (24, chuck, monk, big bang theory), someone to minister with…

Looking forward to the next 15 and more years.

I really, really don’t mind growing old with you… not at all.