I just attended one of the most beautiful weddings.

It wasn’t because it was lavish though it was well executed.
It wasn’t because it was a big wedding though there was a good number that attended.
It wasn’t because the food was extravagant though I’d say it was one of the best I’ve had.
It wasn’t because the venue was posh though it was exquisite.

It was because the presence of God was inexplicably near.

I always tell the couples who are about to get married not to be so anxious about how grand, lavish, posh and chic their wedding should be.

Excellence doesn’t necessarily mean extravagance.

The important ingredient? God’s presence.

You can have a wedding with a price tag of 2M and yet not have that key ingredient while you can have the simplest yet the most amazing because of God’s presence.

The highlight for me was Ina’s vows.

Right after the wedding, I zoomed to the bride and the groom and requested a copy of it because I wanted to share with you what she said.

Here it is…

“Hi Edson, my love! We are finally here.

As in a marathon, we are done with the conditioning, training, and preparation for the beginning of the race. We have reached the starting line. And I am so glad that I am hand in hand with you as we begin this.

As I was reviewing how the bride is defined in the Bible, here’s what I found:

I am not any of those, I realized.

But here’s the deal breaker, I can face you now, my head held high … expectant, joyful, and wearing a white dress, only because Someone took my place and on the cross nailed together with Him is all of my dirt.

I can face you as your bride only through Jesus Christ.

The bride belongs to the bridegroom. This is what I hold onto now. I belong to you. I am confident, not in myself or your goodness, but in the help we have.

You know that Jesus first publicly revealed His glory in a wedding… and I am sure He didn’t only do it through the wine. I am confident because our help comes from Jesus. And He has helped make this day glorious. He will be here to make the coming days, weeks, months and years even more glorious.

I have no fear in committing to submit to you, my love, because in you I see a man who puts God first in everything. So now, at our starting point, I vow to:

1. follow where you lead
2. support you in your decisions
3. respect you and put you next to God in my priorities
4. to belong to you and look only to you for comfort
5. to put effort to always be like the bride you married
6. to be always excited to exalt God’s Name with you.

And when the difficult times come, when we feel like it’s too tough to hold on, I’ll be like that gum that is stuck under the desk, or on the sole of your shoe. I’ll stick. I’ll be that but less annoying.

So Edson, my love, I vow to be your bride today and your wife for life.

I love you.”


More pics here by Elain Ojeda.



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