My wife and I met with a couple this afternoon who is planning to get married next month. They wanted to sit with us and ask us for some advice regarding their future marriage. So we relayed to them a lot of our blunders and how they can learn from them and not fall into the same trap we did.

When Jenn asked what the bride to be saw in her future husband, she started crying.

At first, I wasn’t sure why she was crying. It was either it was going to be a shotgun wedding or it was an unfortunate situation that she couldn’t find anything good in this man. (joke)

But she started relaying to us her bad experiences of past relationships she had that made her lose faith in finding a decent man to spend the rest of her life with.

All her life, she wanted to be treated like a princess. Her past relationships weren’t close to that thought. She was trampled on, hurt and left damaged.

But when she met her fiancé, one of the major things he did was to bring her closer to Jesus.

“Meeting Jesus made me a child of the King. And being a daughter of the King then that makes me a princess. Not only has my fiancé treated me as a princess, I now know I am one by virtue of my relationship with Jesus.”

Guys, the most important relationship you can cultivate is not the relationship you have with your partner, but your relationship with Jesus and your partner’s with Christ.

Understand that as you prioritize Jesus, He will add everything you need. (Matthew 6:33)


You are His son. You are His daughter. That makes you children of royalty.

Something to rejoice about.


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