– 39th birthday last Friday.  Man, I’m old!

– Victory Weekend last Fri/Sat was the largest since we did monthly.  We had 96! Whoa!

– Parenting Teens by Harold Sala was awesome, I heard.  Missed it but I’ll get the podcast.

– Overnight in Tagaytay with my family, Antonios, Suarezes and Quizons.  Family time is always fun time.

– Tagaytay breeze is still good.

– Diane and Gabe’s wedding was awesome.  Tearful and cheerful.  Fun to see women pull out kleenex boxes and men scratch their cheeks.

– Earth hour.

– Made adjustments after 5 pm service.  But both were good.  God’s Spirit was there, that’s why.

– Teri’s legendary with regards to worship.  Beamed us into the Throne Room.

– Met with some friends for a night cap in Foot Zone (birthday celebration extention).  Missed FootZone.  Haven’t been there in more than a year.

– ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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