I was tucking my 10 year old daughter, Janina to sleep tonight. Tucking your kids to bed is always a good idea.  That’s when the day winds down and all the things that happened within that day flashes back and the things lodged down deep in your kids’ hearts come to surface.

“What do you do if a girl is told that she is mayabang (proud) by one person and many of us don’t really think she is?  What can I tell her?”

I told her that we are told by the Bible to always go the opposite spirit.  Proverbs tells us that a gentle answer turns away anger.  Jesus says to bless those who curse; to pray for those who persecute us.  Hebrews tells us to repay evil with good.

“It is possible that your friend is being misunderstood,” I told her.  “She can have 1 of 2 reactions.  She can get back at that person for misunderstanding her.  Or she can look inside her heart to see why seemingly she is being perceived as mayabang.”

And if the person is being mean to her, she can respond by going the opposite direction.  When something negative is done, she can respond by doing something positive.  It surely can be a hard thing, but God’s grace is more than sufficient as we come to Him for help.

I thought, “kids issues are not much different from grown ups.”

It just seems more ‘sophisticated’ and ‘complicated’ but the principles remain the same.

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