Three people I need in my life… and you need them too…

1. Paul

I need someone who can mentor and coach me.  I don’t know everything and I will never get to the point that I will know everything.  I need someone to help me follow Jesus to my very last breath.

I thank God for Steve, Joey, Ariel, Ferdie and Manny who have been like that to me.

2. Barnabas

While following a mentor is critical, equally important is peer discipleship.  I need people who will stay in my face and let me know when I am not in the right.

I thank God for Robert, Chaz, Michael, LA, Carlos, Dennis, Rico, Julius who have been like that to me.

3. Timothy

Being a coach and a mentor is part of discipleship.  We help people follow Jesus.

You and I need to find men and women who we can pour our life into. . . to give what was given to us. .. to share what was shared to us.

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