Priorities are a priority.

Not having them will someday prove to be a disaster.  It’s cool to hear from people say that they just go with the flow.  It’s fun to hear that they are spontaneous.  Unfortunately, when we don’t prioritize, certain things, namely relationships can get left out.

Listen to what Wayne Cordeiro, a pastor from Oahu, says in his book, “Leading On Empty.”

“One day after years of ministry with a wonderful congregation, I will say my good-byes, pack my bags and , with many tears, walk out of the church.  But when I walk out of the church, there’s only one place I can walk into.


If you miss building the home base, you will have nowhere to go when ministry days are over… Too many have sacrificed marital harmony and family on the altar of success.  It’s not worth it.”

It’s not worth it.  Those words don’t ring in our heads until it’s too late.

What’s worth it?  Your family is.

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