“The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul…” Ps. 19:7

Christmas time is the busiest time of the year.  And because of all that goes on, one of the things that usually takes the back seat is our time in the word.

This is something we need to deliberately fight for in our daily planner.  Why?

1. It’s perfect.

His Word is perfect.  Perfect to comfort.  Perfect to encourage.  Perfect to correct.  Perfect to rebuke.  Perfect to inspire.

It’s perfect to revive.

2. It revives the soul.

The heart defibrillator has saved thousands if not millions of lives.  Think of His word as a spiritual defibrillator.  Yes, it is spiritual daily bread but at the same breath, when one feels ‘dead’ in His walk with God, the word is perfect to revive.

Just a reminder for all of us (includes me!) during this very busy season.

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