When one hears of the word ‘tradition,’ it can either be negative or positive.  However, in our context these days, tradition can carry a negative connotation – from the traditions Pharisees upheld so they can support their legalism to traditional politicians who corrode the very system that is supposed to take care of the people in a nation.

But this word is not necessarily wrong.

Traditions can be a tool to build memories.  And for a dad (or any parent for that matter), these are non-negotiables.

As Christmas hits in less that 2 weeks, let me share with you a few traditions that has helped up build memories as a family through these years.

TREE TRIMMING.  I remember growing up getting home from school and finding the Christmas tree already fixed.  While it looked nice and beautiful, I never really had the joy of putting it together with my family.

Our Christmas tree today doesn’t have a theme.  You see trees that have bells theme or apples theme or snow man theme.  Ours is rather eclectic so to speak.  However, each ornament has a special meaning and story behind it like the very first ornament we ever had (a freebie from Shakey’s pizza) to our kids’ first ornament as a baby to trips we’ve taken, to home made ‘ugly’ looking ornaments yet has a special meaning.

We do a Christmas countdown after setting up the lights and the ornaments – 10-1 while every other light in the house is off and turn on just the christmas lights.  The effect is rather magical for the kids shout in glee.

All this is done over pizza and Pepsi.  This has been the food during tree trimming time through the years which is why a lot of our ornaments are ‘oily’, I guess.

…to be continued…

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