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Because of the many parties, sometimes the last people we get to spend time with is our kids.  I know I’ve fallen into that trap.  But we have to be deliberate for this thing not to happen.

My wife is so good with this.  She prints out a December calendar and gets us all in a meeting to plan the whole month.  Remember if you don’t fill your calendar, someone else will.

For this month’s plans…

  • Our own family Christmas dinner – this is a time when we usually spend Christmas dinner just for us.  We go to a restaurant we’ve gone back every December 23 for the past several years – Outback in C5.  We have our little celebration and do our gift giving there.  It’s always a highlight in our Christmas celebration.
  • Watching the light show at Ayala
  • Ornament making
  • Visiting Real Life’s Feeding program

to be continued…

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