• Restful week and lots of family time.  THAT is always good.
  • Reconnected with old friends.
  • Plenty of swimming time with the kids.
  • Ate lots this past week.  THAT is not that good.
  • Easter egg hunt with the kids.  Had to explain the history of the egg hunt and that resurrection day had nothing to do with bunnies and eggs.  Nothing against Easter egg hunts but we just need to make sure we don’t miss out on the real celebration of Easter Sunday.  THAT won’t be good.
  • Glenn Quizon’s zip line in his farm was phenomenal!  You have to ask him about that one time.
  • Ate lots of ice cream and candies.  THAT wasn’t very good.
  • Road the bike with Ryan around U.P.  Got some daddy time with him.  Then haircut.  Them sweet japanese corn along katipunan’s really good.
  • Preached at the 5 and 7 pm services with a splitting headache.  I made a mistake of walking to Market Market  under the sweltering heat from the frigid Every Nation Building and back.  My head started to throb in no time.  Thanks to Mr. Alfred Albarracin for some head ache busters.
  • We saw scores of people come to Christ this weekend.  What an Easter weekend!  THAT is always very good.  And THAT never grows old.


    * Friday, Ryan graduated from K2.  Wow, he is now grade 1.  As my friend, Robert Hern said, “Ganito pala feeling ng nakapagpatapos.”  His daughter Shaunese is Ryan’s classmate.  VCS Preschool rocks.  Ms. Sheryl Panlilio is doing an excellent job running the preschool.

    * Prepared for the child training seminar in the evening with Jenn.  I love teaching with Jenn.  She always has great insight in parenting.  I learn a lot from her.  She actually is the better parent between the 2 of us.  Don’t know what I’ll do without her.

    * Ran to a dinner (we were late for it because we came from the seminar).  Orli and Ampot prepared Shabu Shabu in their house with some friends.  He makes the best shabu shabu.

    * Saturday morning, which has been our routine for the past several months was t-ball games.  It was Ryan’s last game of the season though.  But I was so proud of him.  He did so well.  He hit a homerun too.

    * Ran to a house dedication after of a friend.  She and her husband recently moved in to a condo at the Fort.  She shared her testimony of how God’s blessed them.  To think, a few years ago, their lives were falling apart and marriage almost in shambles.  Truly, God is a God of restoration.

    * Saturday night was fun. Double bday celebration of Joe and Carla.  Dessert party.  Love those.

    * Sunday was pretty packed.  Because P. Joey was in Brazil and on route to Orlando, I pitched in for him and preached at the morning services.  I did the afternoon services too.  My one point, “You don’t have to be a queen to make a difference!”

    (Video of Ryan’s homerun last Saturday)