It really gets busy during Christmas time for our family. I’m guessing that it would be for your as well. But there are times when we would need to unplug, get out of the city and have a simple, good, quality time with family.

Here’s a quick video to explain what I mean.




  • Restful week and lots of family time.  THAT is always good.
  • Reconnected with old friends.
  • Plenty of swimming time with the kids.
  • Ate lots this past week.  THAT is not that good.
  • Easter egg hunt with the kids.  Had to explain the history of the egg hunt and that resurrection day had nothing to do with bunnies and eggs.  Nothing against Easter egg hunts but we just need to make sure we don’t miss out on the real celebration of Easter Sunday.  THAT won’t be good.
  • Glenn Quizon’s zip line in his farm was phenomenal!  You have to ask him about that one time.
  • Ate lots of ice cream and candies.  THAT wasn’t very good.
  • Road the bike with Ryan around U.P.  Got some daddy time with him.  Then haircut.  Them sweet japanese corn along katipunan’s really good.
  • Preached at the 5 and 7 pm services with a splitting headache.  I made a mistake of walking to Market Market  under the sweltering heat from the frigid Every Nation Building and back.  My head started to throb in no time.  Thanks to Mr. Alfred Albarracin for some head ache busters.
  • We saw scores of people come to Christ this weekend.  What an Easter weekend!  THAT is always very good.  And THAT never grows old.