Preaching sounds old school yet it still is one of the primary ways to communicate what God wants to say to His children and the rest of the world.

It (preaching) is a privilege wrapped up with a HUGE (ALL CAPS) responsibility.

Charles H. Spurgeon puts it this way…

“I have preached the gospel now these 30 years and more, and … often, in coming down to this pulpit, have I felt my knees knock together, not that I am afraid of anyone of my hearers, but I am thinking of that account which I must render to God, whether I speak his Word faithfully or not.”

Powerful words from a powerful preacher.

The motive for preaching?  You can preach for 2 reasons.  Either because ‘you have to’ or because ‘you have to’.

Listen to what Mark Batterson has to say about this…

The first “have to” is because you are on the schedule. The second “have to” is because you have fire shut up in your bones, you have a word from the Lord, you have something conceived by the Holy Spirit that you cannot keep inside. Nothing is worse that the first “have to.” Nothing is greater than the second “have to.”