Why do we need to go to the next generation?

Joseph Bonifacio, in the closing session of the Every Nation World Conference, shares his thoughts.

“Our God is a multi-generational God.”

God’s promises are multigenerational.
God’s commands are mutligenerational.
God’s plans are multigenerational.

And that goes with His very nature. When you look at the Trinity, you see the Father in adoption, the Son in redemption and the Holy Spirit in sanctification.

Because God works multigenerationally, this gives us an example to follow.

“I am nobody without my dad. I don’t resent my father because he casts a big shadow. I thank Him for the shade.”

We have thousands of preachers but very few fathers.
We have 10,000 podcasts but few fathers.

That’s why when someone approaches us for correction, we end up getting offended. Offense alienates us.

There are those who don’t like correction. They end up with an independent spirit saying, “I’ll just go do my own thing.”

However, correction is critical. People who are not corrected, they are called something – orphans.

The prayer? As Jesus prayed in John 17:20, “may they be one as we are one.”

Why do we need to go to the next generation? They need to be fathered. And those who are fathers need the zeal, input and freshness of the next generation.