The opening number by Judah Paolo, Quest and Yeng Constantino was one of the best I’ve seen seen in any conference. It was inspiring, explosive and anointed. It was clear that the Holy Spirit was at work through the presentation and that Jesus was glorified.

9. J.S.

The fresh preaching of the gospel of Jesus is always a highlight for me. There’s no other message will match the message of the cross. J.S. represented our delegates from different nations. Watching young people from restricted nations worship Jesus openly is an amazing sight.


From the countdown to the session introductions, our video team poured every drop of their creative juices into these videos. The countdown videos were fun and engaging while the session videos set up the message to help both the speaker and the listener.


This one you didn’t want to miss. Both day 2 and day 3 half time shows were out of the ball park. Rachel Ann Go, Yeng Constantino, Quest, Christian Bautista gave the students a treat as they sang. The crowd went wild when Boy Pick Up went on stage. It was such an amazing blessing to hear Ogie Alcasid share his journey of faith and walk with Jesus.

No words here. You just have to be there. It’s just plain “whoa!”

And worshipping Jesus with 9,600 students was unbelievable.

The worship team led and God showed up in every meeting. Kudos to the team.


Listening to a young lady preaching the Word was powerful. She was precise, clear and on point. It was inspiring to believe for more powerful preachers like her.

“The situations you are in right now are not mere coincidences; they are opportunities. And when God provides the opportunities, He will also supply the ability.” – Liane Silla

Edrei’s one point really stuck: “Resolve or dissolve? (like sugar in water)” He spoke about Daniel and how he stood for the right thing.

CJ shared a message on sexual purity. It was indeed an apt message for this generation.

“Your purpose is to glorify God with your heart, soul, mind, strength and body.” – CJ Nunag.

Pastor Jide started out the conference with a bang! “If you live a life that is consecrated and concentrated, the world will realize that you are walking with a holy God.”

4. DAN

The man was the message.

He spoke on the life of Ananias.

His one point? “To make disciples, you just have to be a disciple.”

Simple yet powerful.

He lives this one out. Seeing him from where he was before and where he is now is remarkably inspiring.


More than being his father, I see a young man who has been rescued by Jesus and now lives his life for Him.

Seeing him share his testimony on standing up for Jesus in the campus was stirring and encouraging (running out of adjectives).

I’ve been in the front row watching God work in his life. My wife and i cannot claim any credit. We’re just thankful for the grace of God.

“My relationship with God is more valuable that any of the temporary pleasures that this world has to offer.”


The president and founder of Victory, Steve Murrell, shared a classic.

What kept Paul the apostle persevere through the persecutions? THE RACE, THE TASK, THE GOSPEL.

Finish the race. Complete the task. Testify to the gospel.

But more than his 30 minute message, it’s the 30 years of living this out here in Manila.

Thanks Pastor Steve.


No other name.

He is the very reason why we even have Ignite Conference.

He is the mover, supplier, influencer, provider, rescuer, the cause and the objective of all that we are and do.

You alone are worthy.


How about you, what was yours? Feel free to add to this list.

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Parents have many job descriptions – from driving to disciplining, providing to preparing, teaching to training, changing diapers to changing flat tires of their teen’s car.

But of all the different things a parent has to do, the most important thing is to make sure that they point their kids to Jesus.

All the education, food on the table, discipline, travels around the world, and every provision a parent can admirably give to their kids are in vain if they don’t meet Christ.

And I say that unapologetically.

Nothing else will compare to see your kids walk with God.

Our kids can get athletic gold medals, make it to the dean’s list, get academic scholarships, land a good job, generate millions in income but if Christ is no where in the radar, all of it is useless.

Paul says to live is Christ but to die is gain. (Phil. 1:21)

To live for anything else is in vain because to die will be a major loss for we cannot bring any of it to the next life.

I brought my 12 year old to the Ignite Youth conference hoping she can encounter Christ in an amazing way. Hope she did.

What then is my goal? To point my kids to Jesus so they can encounter Him and have a living and loving relationship with Him.

Worship Time during IGNITE 2011


If you are in high school, college or you have a heart to reach out to the next generation (or even just ‘feeling’-youth), you can’t miss out on this conference.

Ignite 2011 is on May 26-28, 2011.

See you there!