* Friday and Saturday was awesome!  Got to speak at the Kids Ministry Summit in Caliraya where we had 400 delegates from all over the nation (34 churches all in all).  Mark Tusoy and the team did a phenomenal job.  The theme was “Making It Stick”… making the vision stick, the volunteers stick and the lessons stick in the minds of the next generation.  Kudos to the team.

* After the Summit, my family and I rushed to Ian and Claire Sia’s son’s dedication.  Ethan turned 1 year old and was dedicated to the Lord.  Children’s parties are fun.  Love the food at kids parties.

* I was so tired Saturday night … I crashed early.

* Sunday morning, I exercised… I needed it.  Got blood flowing.  Finishing touches on my message for the afternoon services.  Last weekend was the start of our new series “God & Gov.”

* Monday was super fun. Went to Lakeshore to try to fish.  Operative word was “try”.  But when we changed the bait from feeds to old school worms, then we caught some finally.  Flew kites.  Rode pedal boats.  Went up the lighthouse.  Looong yet absolutely fun day.  I often thank God for Monday family days.