Jon (not his real name) emailed me and shared a story about God’s amazing provision.

Our OVERFLOW series has been ‘overflowing’ stories of God’s faithfulness.

Is it possible to outgive God? ¬†That’s just not quite possible.

Here’s his story.

6 years ago, I started to sow my tithe properly (gross of taxes instead of net) and give a little extra to a mission partner. It was a big deal for me coz I’m very particular with saving money. Taxes were around 25%, tithe 10% and offering about another 5-10%, so all in all, I was going to give away 40 to 45% of my salary at that time.

Since that time, I have received a promotion or a special salary upgrade (if not both) every year. My salary is 5 times of what it was 6 years ago. Still expecting a promotion this year even though the year is about to end, and I have already received one at the start of the year. I’ve been sent on work related trips to Moscow, NY, Vietnam, HK, China, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. I have a “storehouse” that God constantly blesses. I have a beautiful wife and a soon to come son. God’s grace has allowed me to earn the trust of local top management (they say so themselves). I’m not toiling at work.

The best thing about it is that the best is yet to come!

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