Sunday Night Thoughts…

  • Scores surrendered their lives to Jesus. THAT never gets old.
  • Tried to mix up the order of the services. Wonder how that went.
  • Fred did an excellent job co-leading with Mayen. A question we need to often ask, “Who’s next in line?” We want to continue to build a culture of empowering.
  • Enjoyed teaching from Hebrews 6. Tough topic yet it got fun as we got into it. Hope people got something out of it.
  • Big preaching blunder… sharing something too specific. I was sharing about playing CALL OF DUTY (video game) with my 13 year old son. I said we teamed up to invade a city (World War 2 scenario) to kill all the Germans, to wipe them all out. Guess what?! After the service, Rob Johnson comes to me laughing and introduces his friend from Germany! I am normally 6’1″ tall. That moment, I shrunk to 3 feet tall.

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