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My personal revelations from my experience this morning…

Woke up 4am to prepare. (Exhausted coming from a surprise bday party of this guy).

Fidgety… anxious…worried. First time to actually run a race. Signed up for 5k… it was a pride thing.

My thoughts as a I was running…

After 10 feet – “I’m way out of shape.”

After 2.5 km – “I think I can do this.”  Passing several who ‘stalled’ and started walking. I actually was getting prideful.

After 3.5 km – “I’m in trouble.”  I knew I was in trouble when Col. Cesar Mejico’s 8 year old son passed me by.

After 4.5 km – “I’m dying…”  Glad I was going to heaven because of what Jesus did for me.  Needing resuscitation because I’m now crawling to the finish line.

At the finish line, our head usher at the 5 and 7 pm service, Leejay Teves asked me, “How was it?”   I said, “Not good.”  To this, he replied, “Looks like it.”

What in the world!  Leejay, you’re fired from the ushering team!

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