uno stackoWhat are we trying to build?

I spoke to a leader of a church this afternoon.  There were certain accusations that were being thrown at him.

First and foremost, I told him, that that’s to be expected.  As a leader, people will comment, criticize, applaud, scorn and say stuff.  Comes with the territory.

Second, it is important to understand clearly what God has called us to do.  He did not call us to be successful.  He calls us to be faithful. (read a recent post I made here)

And as you’re certain about the call God’s placed in your life, be secure that as long as you’re doing what you’ve been called to do, then all that matters is not the applause of man but the applause of heaven.

Criticism may hurt.  It will hurt.  But what are we building?

Are we building our reputation or are we building His kingdom?

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