hmsg_SmallGroup_logo_colorAfter attending Sticky Church conference with Ferdie and Crickette, Ferdie had a good top 10 blog to summarize our time there.  Click here to read his post.

Here’s my top 5 why I like Ferdie’s no. 10 in his post (sermon-based small group).

1. People who come to church tend to be more attentive since the message is going to be discussed in the small groups that week.

2. Because it will be a point of discussion during the week, there’s increased note taking during the message.

3. At the small group meetings, interaction and discussion will crank up because they’ve listened in to the message and had the time to process it.

4. Although the small group material will not be a regurgitation of last weekend’s message because it will focus on a different set of verses to study, the more important focus will go to application and making sure the Word is lived out.

5. Because we meet at our local churches for the Word during Tuesdays and again with the Metro Manila Pastors on Wednesdays, the sermon kitchen is full with ingredients to come up with an excellent Word for the weekend coupled with a small group material to boot.

Really looking forward to what God will do in the next several months.  God is phenomenally good.

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