08252009109Change the campus… Change the world!  This has been a statement that has been said over and over and until today hasn’t lost it’s impact when I hear it.

I attended a graduation last night – Every Nation Campus Ministry School’s graduation.  I had the awesome privilege of teaching a couple of classes to these great men and women.  It was such a privilege watching them finish their training to answer the call God’s given to reach the next generation.  When men respond to God’s call, there’s no telling what He can and will do.

Two men I had a privilege of getting to spend some time with are Larry and Carlo.  They are 2 of our finest Kids Ministry Pastors of Victory.  Both had thought they’re lives were set.  Larry had a flourishing business while Carlo was going to be one of the best animators in the land.  But God slightly had a different plan… well, not slightly… a HUGE plan.  They responded and now they’re off the a great adventure.

Love their attitudes – Whatever it takes!  Doesn’t matter what I’ve planned.  The important thing is what God’s planned for me and for this nation.  Gosh, what absolute surrender as Oswald Chambers would put it.

Larry and Carlo, there’s no telling what God will do through you guys.

As Dwight L. Moody said years ago,

The world has yet to see what God can do with one man who is fully committed to Him.

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