c and cWhile having breakfast with my kids this morning before going to school, we read a verse that talks about humility and character.  Then the topic of trust in the area of leadership came up.  We talked about why some of our nation’s leaders are losing the trust of the Filipino people.

I told Nathan and Janina that there are 2 things that build the trust of the people we lead.  When one of them is lost, trust is potentially lost as well.

I was talking about CHARACTER and COMPETENCE.

1. Character.  Some people are very competent.  They are skilled, talented and have abilities beyond measure.  They even have the charisma to lead thousands if not millions.  However, if character is not present, I told my kids, people will always be suspicious in the back of their heads if things are being done out of selfish gain or for personal achievement.  That is why character is critical in leadership.

2. Competence. There are those who have great character.  They are very sincere.  They have great hearts.  However, even if the person has a great heart and yet drops the ball often enough and doesn’t deliver, trust is potentially lost as well.

Psalm 78:72 tells us that King David “shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

Integrity of heart (character)…  Skillful hands (competence)…

And what envelopes all these is the grace of God …  for without Him, we can do nothing.  (John 15:5)

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