Picture 1Jenn
and I were in Lipa, Batangas this morning to share in the seminar Raymond and Malou De Guzman put together entitled “Shatter-proof Your Marriage”.

It was such a great turnout.  Not only did it go very well, Jenn and I had lots of fun sharing.  Raymond and Malou are doing a tremendous job with our Victory Church in Lipa.  God’s mightily using them in that part of Batangas.

One of the highlights for me was when we met a couple who has been married 55 years… yes!… 55 years!

They should be the ones teaching the seminar.  But in spite of being the more experienced couple, they were sitting in and taking down notes.  What an example to all of us younger couples.

Mang Louie (picture below) and his wife approached me after and even thanked us for sharing what we shared.  What a humbling experience.

I pray that I would have the attitude of Mang Louie every single day – that there’s always something new I can still learn with every waking moment I have been blessed with.



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