We switched to small group ministry model at Victory some time ago because we realized that discipleship cannot happen in a crowd.  Back in Shangri La days, the church grew by huge numbers yet we weren’t sure how many were effectively being discipled.

Even Jesus had his small group of guys he was coaching and mentoring.

It has been the strategy we felt was applicable and effective.  Strategy is defined as a plan of action inteded to accomplish a specific goal.  Any strategy should be simple and easy to implement.

Understandably, we are open to other strategies if we see that something will work better but at this point, small groups is the way to go.

Why do we feel it’s applicable and effective?

1. Small groups help us engage people for Christ.

  • Many are willing to first attend a small group environment before coming to church.  “Some want to belong first before they are willing to believe.” (Andy Stanley)

2. Small groups equip every member to be a minister.

  • Ministry is not limited only to those who are in “full-time”.  Ephesians 4:11-12 tells us that the full time ministers job is to equip the people to do the works of ministry.

3. Small groups empower more people to serve.

  • Church has looked like a basketball game all too often – 10 players badly needing some rest, while 10,000 people who badly need some exercise, watch .

4. Small groups help establish authentic community.

  • Discipleship is relationship.  We’ve heard that all too often.  It’s relationship with God, with other believers and with the rest of the world.  Small groups help establish authentic community with fellow believers.

5. Small groups offer maximum flexibility.

  • Small group meetings can be anywhere – Starbucks, Pancake House, basketball court, office, at home… anywhere!

6. Small groups allow us to be better stewards of what God has given.

  • With small groups going on in many different locations, the need to have huge facilities will be at minimum so we can re-channel the funds for other ministry opportunities.

7. Small groups remove major growth limitations.

  • One of the major limitations to growth for churches is venue limitations.  Our Ortigas church meets in a very small space in a mall yet has more than 8,000 people.  How can this be?  Small groups!

So… what do you think?…  Let’s go!

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