joaquin-bp3For some divine reason, I just know that God has something in store for our youngest, Joaquin. Found to have 2 big tumors in his brain when he was 4 months old in his mommy’s tummy which miraculously disappeared within 2 months and now to this – suffering from a condition doctors call “Kawasaki”. God really must have something for this kid.

With the ongoing ordeal our youngest is going through, I remembered Pastor Jim Lafoon’s statement years ago that never left me. He said, “When the devil attacks my camp, I go into an all out war against him and I bombard his camp with everything I’ve got!”

Jenn asked me this afternoon at the hospital on my way out if I was going to preach at the 5 and 7 pm services. I said, “Yes. You bet!” Did I have I have a well crafted message prepared? Not really, but I was absolutely ready to fire away!

On my way to church today, I was fired up! I wasn’t going to take things sitting down. When the enemy attacks our camp, I am going to go on all out war against him – I will pray, preach with all my heart, serve God with everything I have till the very last breath.

“Paolo, are you not afraid announcing an all out war against the enemy?” Absolutely not! You can give this blog link to him to read, send him my podcast and tell him personally for all I care but what I know is that greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.

My favorite kids pastor, Bill Wilson once said, “Hit the devil with whatever stick you have in your hand. Whatever he throws at us, we can use to throw it back to him.”

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