I missed preaching 2 consecutive weeks at our 5 and 7 pm services. The other week, I was in Cebu with my family for our vacation. Last week, for Mother’s Day, Ms. Coney Reyes shared from her heart a message for mothers, fathers and even children.

I’m glad that our church is not built on personalities. We’re not trying to build the ministry on a person but on JESUS alone!

The kingdom of God will continue to grow with or without us. So much for egotistic ministers. In fact, the funny thing is, the Kingdom of God will continue to advance INSPITE of us. Inspite of our dum decisions and mistakes, God’s grace is greater than all that… swallows up all our shortcomings and silliness.

Rememeber, it’s His name we’re lifting up, not ours, the church’s or anyone’s name at all.

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