Our new series with the title “LUPANG HINIRANG” (Chosen Nation) is amazing. I can just feel it. Many lives are going to be touched by God through His word.

It is a series on the book of Nehemiah. It was God who incited a burden on his heart and it is only He who can do the same to us. During his time, Israel was a nation ‘in great trouble and disgrace.’ Know any other nation of the same description? I know one. I live in one.

But that’s not going to remain the way it is. What didn’t happen 141 years can happen in 52 days. The nation of Israel in ruins for 141 years yet Nehemiah was able to accomplish the rebuilding of the wall in 52 days.

God is bigger than our situations.  God is bigger than our nation’s problems. He can and He will if we humble ourselves and pray!

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