In our recent Victory Fort Fun Day, I spoke to Harley, a young man who went through quite an experience in the last 4 months.

He told me that last Monday was supposed to be the day he had planned to propose to his girlfriend.

However, last February, right after Valentine’s Day, she broke up with him because of another guy.

This pushed him to a downward spiral that led to depression, sleepless nights and suicidal attempts.

Psychiatrists gave him tranquilizers and sleeping pills to help him through but to no avail.  He said that he’d sleep within 15 minutes but wake up in 10 and he’ll need to get another dosage.

It was then that while he was surfing the net that he chanced upon a verse that said,

“For I know the plans I have for you… Plans not to harm you but to give you a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

This hit him so hard that he thought that there must be a lot more nuggets of truth from the Bible.  He then asks friends if they knew a Bible study, small group, prayer group… something.

It is then that he gets connected to Rico Wong, one of our most prolific and faithful Victory small group leaders.

Since then, he has been lifted out of the pit of depression, set free from unforgiveness and learned to walk by faith not by sight.

Jesus set him free and we have Him to thank.

Harley told me that to this day, it still doesn’t make sense why God allowed what happened to happen.  But in the mean time, he determined to keep worshipping Jesus and serve Him.

He now serves every Saturday teaching the Bible to 50 street children.

God may never tell him His reasons but Harley found a truth that will carry him through the heights and the valleys.

We may never get all the answers to our questions, but we know and trust in His character – loving, faithful, just, righteous – knowing the End from the Beginning.

We may never know what the future holds, but at least we know who holds it.