Day 1 of Every Nation Conference. 

Russ Austin. 52 nations represented.

A fitting opening message to kick off the Every Nation World Conference. Pastor Russ aptly defined who we are as a family of churches the way a realist like Manet or Courbet paints a historical scene or an object.



We are a global and missional organization that refuses to stop.
We see a red light yet we still go as if it was green.

Relentless would be the word. How come?
It’s not because we have confidence in ourselves.

We just know that we will do something BIG just because we know our God is BIG.

And as a family, we just believe that together.


This is just part of the culture in our family. And we do it with passion… radically.

We teach people to obey in obedience to the Great Commission in Matthew 28.

We do it because Jesus is worth it.

We have been misunderstood for doing what we do. But we do what we do because we want to give Him our best because He has given us His best.


We go through ups and downs. We just know we’ll make it through because God is with us and because we are walking together.

We are better together and we are better because we are together.

Spiritual family is a gift. It is such a gift to be in relationship with one another.

Walking with one another for years, some for decades is an absolute gift from God.

But out of the 3, the most fragile is SPIRITUAL FAMILY. And THIS is the very thing we have to guard and protect.

And by His grace, we will not just do life together for 20 years (this year is Every Nation’s 20 year anniversary) but for the next 100 and beyond.


It was a privilege to be sitting in and listening to all the equipping sessions and reports from the different nations in Asia during our Asian Pastors Equipping Conference (APEC).

Here are a few things I got from it:

The most dangerous threat to to a strong successful fruitful mature ministry is pride in our own heart, not division, opposition and attack.  (Steve Murrell)

The goal is that ministry should be taken out of the  hands of the ‘experts’ and ‘pros’ and onto the hands of amateurs and volunteers. (Steve Murrell on Empowering Leadership)

Do you spend more time ministering to people or preparing people to minister? (Steve Murrell)

If you want to empower people to do ministry, mistakes are not optional. They are required!  (Steve Murrell)

Who you are when you gather is who you are when you scatter. (Kevin York on the Church)

The goal in preaching is feed the sheep (John 21) and not give goat food but preach the Word that it makes sense to the unchurched. (Steve Murrell)

Biggest competitor of Lordship over us is finance, not even Satan.  (Timothy Loh)

Without it, we will still go to heaven. But we might get there earlier than planned. (Rachel Ong teaching on the topic of having structures in an organization)

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. (Scott Douma)

“I want those who know me the most to repeat me the best.”  – Rick Warren via Scott Douma

Success without relationships is miserable. (Steve Murrell on Absalom who built a monument to himself because he wasn’t able to build ‘sons’ and the next generation)

Campus ministry is not a department. It is a long-term investment. (Joseph Bonifacio)

(Find audio podcasts of the sessions here – http://apec2012.ph/messages/)

(Pictures here)

APEC 2012 Recap Video from APEC on Vimeo.


Mike Romero is an amazing story.

He is one of our new volunteers in the Kids Ministry of Victory Fort.

He lost his leg after being run over by a bus and yet now is back serving in Kids Ministry.

Read his story below. It will amaze you.


God has blessed me with a very supportive family – my Victory Kids Church family. I got into an accident last April 5 when I was going home; I fell from the bus I was on while trying to run after the person/s who snatched my wallet. Sadly, I lost my right leg in the process and was in a critical condition in the ICU for a week.

My Kids Church family was there the whole time. Pastor Mark Tusoy and most of my team took time from the start to visit me in the ICU and prayed for me. I didn’t expect that a lot of people from KC would be there because I was a new volunteer. As it was unexpected, I was really happy that they visited (much to the dismay of the ICU staff as they had to monitor if more people snuck in :p). Looking back at it now, it was probably a nudge from God to push myself to recover faster.

Even in Facebook, which I just found out when I got discharged from the hospital, they offered their prayers of healing and provision. They even went to my house (after probably what was a week’s worth of discussions on our team’s FB wall :p)to ensure that I was well and bouncing back properly. I remember they brought a ton of food and even planned games.

Although those were very trying times for me, the love and support of my Kids Church family has shown God’s love for me. Being new to walking the path to God, their support has strengthened my faith in Him and to trust in what He has planned for me.


Small group ministry is beyond the meeting.  It’s about shared lives.

Watch this video as Russell, Missy, James and Marilyn share their stories about how people touched their lives as they grow and journey through life within the context of spiritual community.

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35, ESV