What do you do when God seems to mess up your plans?

Joseph and Mary had everything set for their future – engaged to be married, sent out the ‘save the date’ cards, filled up the gift registry list.

Then an unusual and unexpected invitation to participate in God’s plan for the world comes in the picture.

Now who would’ve thought…


A surprise visit from an angel was indeed unexpected. The angel announced the plan God had.

God’s plans seemed to ruin all they’ve planned for their future.

“How do we cancel the caterers?”
“How about the deposit for the wedding venue?”
“What do we tell the guests?”
“What now?”

Unknowingly, God was unfolding a plan that was much better than what they had for themselves.

LESSONGod sets up the unexpected to bring about the undeniable.

We think and plan the best for our future. But the best of our own plans is nothing compared to that which God has lined up for us.

What was about to happen seemed unexpected but definitely undeniably God.


It was a terrifying thought.  “Why would God choose me?”, Mary thought.

To top that, she was going to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit.

Tell me if that’s not unusual.

Mary goes home, tells her dad, “Dad, I’m pregnant.”
Dad’s face falls in disappointment and asks, “Who’s the father?”
Mary responds by saying, “The Holy Spirit.”

If I were her dad, I don’t know if I’d believe her.

“Yeah, right… really now…”

 LESSON: God uses the unusual to break the typical.

Mary asked, “How can this be?”

We’ve probably said this in different ways in the past… How can this be? …

I have bills to pay… how can this be?
I have a huge debt … how can this be?
I need a job … how can this be?
My mom has cancer … how can this be?
I’m really struggling in school … how can this be?

The angel answers Mary, “With man, this is impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible.”


It truly was unexpected and unusual. But God was about to do something unbelievable.

Immanuel was coming. God with us.

This was going to be how man was to be rescued from sin.

God came down.

LESSON: The unbelievable becomes believable when God is involved.

Time will come that you may be in between a rock and a hard place. But as you and I would allow God to step in, it may be unexpected and unusual, but at the end of it all, it will be unbelievably God.

You and I will look back and say that it wasn’t just a good moment but a God moment indeed.

Merry Christmas!