Last October 4, my wife Jenn wrote a blog entitled, “OFFICIALLY A STAGE MOM.”

Today, it’s my turn to be a stage dad.

We’re thrilled to announce that Sound Of Music at Resorts World got extended for a second season.
It re-starts this January.  Here’s Janina’s sked.

JANUARY (9 shows)

14 Saturday 2pm
15 Sunday 2pm
20 Friday 2pm
21 Saturday 8pm
22 Sunday 7pm
29 Sunday 2pm

FEBRUARY (10 shows)

2 Thursday 8pm
3 Friday 8pm
4 Saturday 8pm
5 Sunday 7pm
11 Saturday 2pm
12 Sunday 2pm
17 Friday 8pm
23 Thursday 8pm
26 Sunday 2pm
26 Sunday 7pm

MARCH (9 shows)

1 Thursday 8pm
9 Friday 8pm
10 Saturday 2pm
10 Saturday 7pm
11 Sunday 2pm
11 Sunday 7pm
30 Friday 8pm
31 Saturday 2pm
31 Saturday 7pm

APRIL  (2 show)

1 Sunday 2pm
1 Sunday 7pm


Janina had her Musicademy recital last weekend.  She loves performing.  And I love watching her perform.  I always tell her that I am her no. 1 fan.

Dads, whatever your daughters love to do, be their no. 1.  It will mean a lot to them.

Here’s her song number.


Coming home from church one night, Ryan and Janina rode with me while Nathan and Joaquin rode with their mom since they used another car coming from a birthday party.

A conversation between Janina, my 11 year old and Ryan, my 7 year old that made me bust out laughing went like this…

RYAN: I don’t like Robert (not his real name).  He’s weird.

ME: Ryan, be nice.  Don’t say that.

JANINA: Ryan, you can say it this way – “He’s different and unique.  I don’t get along with him because you dislike the way he acts.”

RYAN: Huh?  But “I don’t like Robert” is shorter!

Oo nga naman.