RUN 50 by 50 at 50

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To run 50 kilometers for the next 50 days at age 50!
Who in the world would think of doing that?
There’s no insane person who’d even consider.

Ferdie Cabiling just did.

Starting September 5, 2015 at 3am, he will run from the southernmost tip of Mindanao, Maasim of Saranggani province to the northernmost tip of the Philippines in Aparri of Cagayan.

When people hear about his plans, their first question is “why?”
This actually was my first question too.

But when I heard about his reasons, they moved me to support why he is doing what he is doing. I met Ferdie in 1993. He has become a teacher, discipler, leader, coach, mentor, tormenter (!) and friend. He’s taught me a lot and this run has become one of his greatest lessons he has downloaded. This one is not through a sermon nor a teaching, but through his life.

Two reasons why he is running: national and personal.

National because he is on an all out war against poverty. This he endeavors to do not by himself but by creating awareness in his little (maybe big in this case) way raise at least 2 million pesos by asking people to sponsor 1000 pesos per kilometer he runs.

As Richard Stearns, the US President of World Vision said in an interview about poverty, “Education has been given as a major tool to change the game.” Studies show that it is not dole outs nor freebies that help poverty stricken families but education.

The number 2 reason why Ferdie is running is rather personal.
His battlecry is, “I run for those who can’t.”
He mentions in his interview on TV Patrol recently that his son, John Philip, who suffers from Sturge-Weber syndrome has difficulty running because of his delayed motor skills.
“Without realizing it, he has become my inspiration to run.”
This he said at a recent blogger’s event days before the start of his run.

The first reason is overwhelmingly moving.
But his second is inordinately stirring.

A father running for his son who can’t.
I say, this is what this nation needs. A dad who will run for, run with and run alongside the next generation to somehow alleviate their suffering, vicariously fulfill what they can’t achieve and somewhat see them fulfill their destinies.

Salute to Ferdie Cabiling. We’re cheering for you!



For more information about #Run50 and #RunAcrossthePH, visit

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Today marks the unofficial start of our Every Nation Campus Conference dubbed as “Ignite. We had 3 amazing speakers starting with Pastor Wayne Alcorn from Hope Centre Australia followed by Pastor Jeff Dacumos from Victory Metro East and Pastor Ferdie Cabiling of Victory Ortigas.

Here are my 10 take aways from today’s sessions:

1. Before change happens around you, it first has to happen in you. – Wayne Alcorn

2. Self awareness is a leadership gift. When we know who we are, we are able to lead from a place of security. – Wayne Alcorn

3. If you were charged due to being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? – Wayne Alcorn

4. When you understand the “why”, every other “what” makes sense. – Wayne Alcorn

5. Why do preachers want to sing and singers want to preach? Just be comfortable with who God made you to be. – Wayne Alcorn

6. Horses reproduce horses. Ducks reproduce ducks. Leaders reproduce leaders. – Wayne Alcorn

7. Be the leader you want to reproduce. What you are is what you’ll reproduce. – Wayne Alcorn

8. Pastor Jeff Dacumos told a powerful story on discipleship and leadership development. Michaelangelo, when asked about he is able to work on sculpting his famous work, “David”. How was he able to see a sculpture out of a plain old big rock. His answer?

“I just take out the parts that don’t look like David.”

9. Pastor Ferdie Cabiling was his usual fiery sermonator that he is.

God uses different personality types to reach people for Christ

2. Intellectual
3. Testimonial
4. Relational
5. Invitational
6. Serving

But whatever personality you have, God can use you to tell the greatest story ever told.

10. Sharing your faith doesn’t have to be complicated. Just share how Jesus changed your life. – Ferdie Cabiling


In a 2 day strategic planning for our discipleship ministry at Victory.  All 13 churches in the Metro together with the Senior Pastors and other lead pastors seeking God to find out what’s next.

At the front end, Ferdie Cabiling, the senior pastor from our Ortigas church, shared something powerful.  While numbers are important, it is not the primary indicator of success.  It’s awesome that we are growing, but growth is never just about numbers.

There were 4 questions he posted to all of us to ask as a ministry, church and individuals.


Matthew 25:23 tells us “Well done, good and FAITHFUL servant…”  He didn’t say well done, good and successful servant or good and numerous servants.

God’s called us to be faithful to what we’ve been called to do.


Jesus says in John 15:8, “This is to my Father’s glory that you bear much fruit.”  When we bear fruit, God is glorified.

Fruit is not just about numbers.  When Paul wrote about fruitfulness in Galatians 5:22, he spoke about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Am I moving in love?  How about in joy and peace?  Or how about patience and kindness?  Fruitfulness in this area brings the Father glory.


When the master commended the servant as good and faithful, he was asked to enter into the joy of the Lord.  When we submit to God and obey what we’ve been called to do, joy is a natural result.

Whatever you do, as you do it in accordance to His will, will result in greater fulfillment.


At the end of the day, it is the name of Jesus that we’re lifting up.  It’s never been about Steve Murrell, Joey Bonifacio, Manny Carlos, Juray Mora, Ferdie Cabiling nor Jun Escosar. Neither it’s been about Victory or Every Nation.  Jesus is who we want to exalt.  It is He who is the head of the church.  It is He alone is worthy of all our praise, honor and worship.

As Ferdie ended his message, he quoted a statement Albert Einstein delivered years ago which says…