“I DID MY BEST…” (Post Pacquio-Bradley)

Much have been said, written, blogged, tweeted, Facebooked on the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.

I’m not a boxing analyst so I won’t really give my analysis regarding the fight anymore though I have some thoughts.

What I wanted to post was how interesting the interview was after the fight.

For one, Manny didn’t walk out.  More so, he stayed for the interview.  It was a real test of his character and I believe he passed the test.

But as he was asked about what he thought about the fight, his answer?

“Well, you know, people know. I respect the decision. I respect the judges. I cannot blame them. It’s part of the game.  I give thanks to the Lord… You know… I mean ah…”

Then he pauses and says,

“I did my best but I guess my best wasn’t good enough.” (Then smiles…)

Classic Pacquiao. I thought he was going to break out into a concert.

Gotta love the guy.  A class act indeed.

We’re proud of you, Manny.