I had the privilege of listening to Stephen Mansfield as he spoke to Victory pastors all over the Metro. His message was on the Signposts in the looming crash of a leader.

Here they are my notes on that talk.

1. View of authority became isolated.

They begin to set themselves apart. They isolate themselves.
The beginning of isolation starts from view of authority.

2. Lost connection with friends

Trusted friendships of transparency.
Your fans will get you killed. Your fans will overlook your mistakes.
Accountability groups don’t work. Walk closely with other men.

3. Relationship with God became mechanical.

No passion. No heart transformation.
We trade our relationship with Jesus for ministry.

4. Lost the poetry of what they get to do.

Heart becomes cold. Moral decline follows.

5. Having no fun.

Men need beyond work. Life after work.
Planned of distraction.
Rest. Family time. Planned distraction.
Lack of manly release can be translated to another I’m not supposed to be with.

6. Schedule had become a tyrant.

Leads to resentment
Leads to burn out.
Leads to secret time. Then moral failure.
No reason why we can’t be happily busy.

7. Men and women exchange roles.

Women are more superior in all ares except in Abstract thought and aggression.

8. The home life is opposition or demand.

Wife is the ball in chain. The dragon lady.
When this sets in, destruction looms.

9. Defining episodes from the past.

Nixon: abused in high school came up during watergate scandal.
The soul has a memory like an elephant.

10. Ministry had to be perpetuated at all costs.

The ministry on the pedestal.
Ministry becomes one of your ‘kids’.