As a member of the Every Nation family, Victory gathers together with other churches in the region for our version of APEC – Asian Pastors Equipping Conference.

This year’s theme was “100 Years From Now” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a fresh take on the core values we have as a church movement.

1. Lordship
2. Evangelism
3. Discipleship
4. Leadership
5. Family

The following are the tweets I posted this week while Jenn and I were in APEC. These were some of the myriad of take-aways we had.

The starting point of everything is the honor of God. – Steve Murrell


Follow the pattern. Guard the good deposit. – Steve Murrell on 2 Timothy 1:13-14


Jesus is my Lord not because I have no choice but because it is a logical choice for He is in absolute control. – Timothy Lo.


Prayer is important because where there’s great opportunity comes great opposition. – Manny Carlos


Mission draws us together.
Relationship keeps us together.
Doctrine is worked out together.
Experience is judged together. – Steve Murrell


No to entitlement. Just be thankful you are part of the game. – Jun Escosar


Our sons don’t need our lessons but our presence. – Rod Plummer


On building teams: Some activities are too dangerous to do alone like law enforcement, scuba diving and ministry! Build a team. – Steve Murrell


To be a leader, you need to build a team, lead the team and trust the team. – Steve Murrell


You’re the leader not necessarily because you’re the smartest. Maybe it’s just because you got there first. Stay humble. – Steve Murrell


Character is built by grace and faith but greatly in the midst of suffering.. – Joey Bonifacio


Your wife will be the heart of the home when she is in the heart of her husband. – Eddie Asato


Build your family to honor God and His word. – Eddie Asato


God is more at work in our children’s lives more than we could ever be. He loves them more than we could ever love them. – Eddie Asato




APEC stands for Asian Pastors Equipping Conference. This is not to be confused with the fake APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). Laughing

The one that I got to go to was for Every Nation. The other one is just for the Asia Pacific region.

Before I get in trouble, here are my takeaways from the real APEC.


We will never know everything. We need to be open for others’ help.

My prayer, “Lord, when I’m wrong, let me be easy to correct. When I’m right, let me be easy to live with.”

Swallow your pride every morning as you swallow your vitamins. It’s healthy and non-fattening.”


When you call upon God, you will be in an environment of blessing.

To connect to God, it’s about PASSION, PATHWAY and PRACTICE.


We get so attracted by spiritual gifts that we prioritize them. The Bible says know them by their fruit.

Like a virus, the gospel travels along lines of pre existing relationships.


Hope don’t mope.

It’s ok to ask “why”. But in asking, watch out that asking why doesn’t cause you to become “why-ners.”


We don’t want to organize because we don’t want our calendars to tell us what to do.

Disorganization puts at risk your ability, credibility and the viability of the church.

You can be a great inspirer but a terrible leader.

Ideas organized are more effective than ideas unorganized.

The Great Commission and the Great Commandment are worthy of organizing.

We organize to harness the power of good systems.


 Organizational leadership is using our leadership to bring organization rather than disorganization.

The effective practices for an Organizational Leader is THINKING and MEETING.

When the purpose is clear then the roles are clear. When the roles are clear, the tasks are clear. When the tasks are clear, the meetings will be clear.