It’s hard to summarize the Every Nation World Conference in one blog post because of the deluge of insights and revelation the past week.

In lieu of that, I just decided to summarize the conference with these top 15 tweetables…
(The ones that got the most retweets and likes on Facebook.)

1. “You can’t have family without government. But government without family is a revolution or a revolution about to happen.” —Russ Austin

2. “I am going to do something big because our God is big.”- Russ Austin

3. “Will you let your situation speak to you or will you speak to your situation? Power of life & death in the tongue.” – Wayne Alcorn

4. “There is a generation ready for a revolution. Give them one.” – Jim Lafoon

5. “When you get a tomato and step on it, pressure will reveal its contents. When pressure comes, what comes out of you?” – Wayne Alcorn

6. “There’s nothing I can do that can make him love me more and there’s nothing I can do that will make him love me less.” – Wayne Alcorn

7. “If I don’t know who I am, I will either be flattered by the praise of people or flattened by their criticism.” – Wayne Alcorn

8. “Discover who you are on the basis of what He says not on what others say.” – Wayne Alcorn

9. “My credentials don’t come from my Harvard education. My credentials come from Romans, Hebrews, Proverbs & I need to renew it daily.” – Rachel Ong

10. “Missions strategy like Manila traffic light: Green means go, yellow means go faster, red means go anyway.” – Steve Murrell

11. “We go and do good works because it comes out of a response of what God has done for us.” – Rice Broocks

12. “We have thousands of teachers but very few Fathers. 10,000 podcasts but few Fathers. The next generation needs fathers.” – Joseph Bonifacio

13. “I don’t resent my father because he casts a big shadow. I thank Him for the shade.” – Joseph Bonifacio

14. “Humility desires more to be reconciled than right.” – Brett Fuller

15. “We have a billion dollar vision with a thousand dollar budget. But we have a big God!” – Brett Fuller

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