What do you do when you go through spiritual dryness? These days do come.

Read about the experience of a second year college student and how the Lord took her through this experience with lessons learned along the way.


When the first event of IGNITE happened, the fire of the Holy Spirit burnt within me which urged me to attend the Friday Youth Service at Victory Fort. Realizations hit me then and made me think of how amazing life would be like with Him. I sought advice from the leaders and eventually helped me know Him even more which led me to the road less traveled—sharing the Word and leading a small group.

About a month ago, something happened that even the second event of IGNITE couldn’t solve—I lost the fire in me. On the third night of Ignite, I cried out of frustration because I couldn’t feel Him nor did I want to pursue Him. It was a feeling that brought shivers to my body and pain to my heart. I never thought that I would let myself slip away from His fingers because of the dry season. I totally forgot about reading the bible and praying became quite foreign to me. Temptations surrounded me when I would hang out with my friends and almost didn’t care that I was around all those things. I knew then that my filter was running low and the temptations were getting close to me.

But one night, a friend told me that he wanted to talk about something important—a friend that used to persecute me whenever I’d share the Word with him back in first year college.

Just a bit of background: This friend of mine hated God because he thought that He let his dad get cancer just because. This friend rebelled against Him and cursed Him, which was really odd because his dad is a cancer survivor. What he would do were only drink, smoke and party—even stopped attending mass for almost 10 years already.

With all that said, this was what he told me, “For the past two months, I’ve been thinking about what you told me and decided to change the lifestyle I had for myself. You were right, my parents ought to have a better son and a treatment that they really deserve. So I’d like you to know that I’ve been sober for two months, I’ve been exclusively dating—and take note, I haven’t kissed her yet. Guess what? She’s a Christian too! Just like you! To top it all I have been attending mass for the past two months. I have been praying.

This revelation squeezed my heart, and probably shook off the callousness the dry season left me with. After talking to him, I pondered about everything he had said—then it hit me. GOD WAS TALKING TO ME THROUGH HIM. Through the guy I thought was truly impossible to save. God used him to tell me, Trish, don’t give up on us. I know you don’t feel me right now, but please know that I am never an inch away from you. What you have been doing is planting seeds in the hearts of the people around you, wait for me to water them so that they may grow.”

When this thought hit me, I found myself standing in front of the door of “LIVE”, the event of the church group we had in Taft along with Malate. I saw Michelle Abello and cried buckets of tears in her arms. I cried out of pain, frustration and condemnation. I even talked to Pastor Joseph about all of it and he prayed for me. I also shared that I was going to sing in the Friday Youth Service the next day, and felt that I didn’t deserve it. Why? Because I felt like as if I was going to be such a hypocrite telling His people to praise and worship Him when I wasn’t. I even saw Pauline Dedel the night when I was about to sing and again, cried buckets of tears.

What struck me though with what they shared was IT IS NEVER ABOUT WHAT I DO FOR HIM, BUT ALWAYS ABOUT WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR ME. I don’t ever have to feel condemned because God loves me the way I am. All I can do is love Him back and pursue Him. I don’t have to do things to get even with Him because it will never happen. What He did for me was priceless and beyond my reach. I know that He will never give up on me nor will He ever run out on me. He will forever stay by my side and keep in His arms safe and sound.

By the time I finished singing, I fell in love with Him again. I started doing my devotions again after

Trisha Terrado is a second year student from De la Salle University taking up AB-Organizational Communcations.

that night and really helped me face the stressful week that was waiting for me with a big smile and a happy heart. One night after doing my devotions, the org that I really wanted to get into texted me to congratulate me for being accepted to the hosting poll that I really prayed hard for. WHAT AN AMAZING GOD WE HAVE. Nothing really is impossible with Him.

I think I can say that being in the dry season is normal, but what you do about it is what matters. It’s either you stay and urge yourself to keep pursuing Him despite not feeling anything or let yourself slip away from His fingers and lose yourself altogether. You got to keep in mind that there is a big Man up there who has been pursuing you all your life and who will love you no matter what, no buts, no ifs.


Here’s the “LIVE” event Trisha was talking about. Same day edit by Mike Manansala.

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