I recently flew in an airplane for a trip with my wife, Jenn.

We usually ride economy because we really love flying economy … the tight seats compared to lazy boy type of seats in business class, the peanuts and bottled water as compared to all you can eat finger foods, the long line leading up to the lavatory as compared to practically none in business class. (You may now snicker because that was a joke.)

And while seated in economy, you look ahead and see this conspicuous and very apparent curtain that divides the wasteland and the promise land.

You are told right at the beginning of the flight that you are not allowed to go in there. You only get to pass through when you are boarding or disembarking.

You pass through and see the sumptuous snacks the favored ones are enjoying, seated comfortably watching “Big Bang Theory” through their personal monitors.

Spiritually speaking, that’s where we were.

Sin has kept us away from the favor. Our offense has separated us from He who desires closeness and intimacy with us.

I said that’s where we were because it is a thing of the past if you’ve experienced being rescued by Jesus.

His redemption enables us to enter into His presence along with enjoying all the benefits of a relationship with the Creator of the universe.

The Bible says that because of Christ’s finished work at the cross, the access to the Father has been opened up. It was symbolized by what happened the very hour He died.

The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. (Mark 15:38)

Through Christ, the veil has been torn. No more economy nor business class seats in the Kingdom.

Thank God.

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