My family and I got the chance to visit Tito Delfin Ong a couple of weeks ago.

It was so inspiring to listen to him. We endeavored to be a blessing to him but it ended up him blessing us.

Listen in to part of the conversation we had.


While I was listening to him, one thought kept coming, “How can he say that?”

He kept saying, “I am ready. I am ready.”

While we are continuously believing God for healing and we know that God is a God of miracles, he was at peace just in case God calls him home.

How can a man say that?

You see,

the way we live now is completely 
controlled by what we believe 
about our future.

Tito Delfin knows that this life isn’t all that there is. That when he reaches the finish line, he has his Savior and Lord waiting for him.

As we ended in prayer, I encouraged him that God hasn’t given us a finish line yet. We will continue to fight a good fight of faith believing that our God is a prayer answering God.

We love you Tito Delfin and we’ll keep praying for your complete healing!


PS. Here’s an update from John, Tito Delfin’s son.


For updates, you may check Tito Delfin’s son’s Facebook at

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