What do you do when people step in your situation and begin to tear down anything and everything you have?

Jude had a few thoughts…

Jude was the half brother of Jesus and the brother of James who wrote the book of James.

He was writing the letter to followers of Jesus who were being discouraged by scoffers.  Unfortunately, there are a few of those we’ll meet in this life who feel like their ‘calling’ in life is to keep scoffing.

Jude 1:20 says,

1. Build up your most holy faith.

There are different ways this can be done. To some it’s listening to praise and worship songs. To others, it may be studying the Bible for hours like my friend Rich Blaylock. Others feel they are really connecting with God when they are in solitude praying. Still, there are those who listen to podcast to build their faith.

However that pans out for you, Jude encourages us to build our faith.

2. Pray in the Holy Spirit

God’s given us a powerful way to connect to Him – and that is through prayer.

Prayer is not trying to twist the arm of God so that He can do what we want. It is actually aligning our will to His so that we see the fulfillment of all that He has planned – for our benefit but ultimately FOR HIS GLORY!

3. Keep yourselves in the love of God.

I do this almost everyday.

I preach to myself where I was, how I was rescued and where I am now.

And everytime I think about His grace and goodness through Christ, I can’t help but be utterly thankful for how He took me from a life of sin to a life overflowing with His goodness. I am forever grateful.

Preach the gospel to yourself daily. In so doing, all the more we appreciate His love and truly understand that none of all we have we deserve and yet we have what we have by the grace of God.


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