We try our best to project our value so that we will not be rendered indispensable.

No one writes their CV listing down the things that they failed in or things they failed to complete.

That way, people will think the best about us and when applying for a job, we will get the best offer that could be afforded to us … and understandably so.

Being dispensable is not something we  normally aspire for thereby it is counter-culture to how we wish to live our lives. This carries over to our spiritual lives as well, whether we admit it or not.

Read what Tullian Tchividjian says (an excerpt from his book Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Everything)

Because of this newfound freedom (in Christ), we suddenly discover how expendable we really are. I know none of us likes to believe we’re expendable, but we are—every single one of us.

The world will go on without you; the world will go on without me. But only the gospel can cause you to rejoice and be glad in your expendability—because the gospel shows us that while we matter, we’re not the point. That’s liberating, because when we become the hero of our own story, life becomes a tragedy.

Because Jesus was someone, we’re free to be no one.
Because Jesus was extraordinary, we’re free to be ordinary.

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